The Coffee Gourmet is a Single Cup Coffee Filter

 - Nov 25, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Coffee Gourmet is a one-cup coffee filter that helps you brew the perfect cup of coffee quicker than competing devices. The contraption is designed to produce one cup at a time. The strength of the resulting brew can be modified by toying with the extent of the Coffee Gourmet filter that is exposed.

The contraption is said to work best with near-boiling water. Once water is poured into the device, it is soaked up by coffee grinds which eventually begin floating to the top. This is claimed to ensure that no liquid passes through the filter until the coffee has been sufficiently saturated.

The inventors of Coffee Gourmet are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their baby's production. A pledge of just $16 will get you a device if and when the campaign meets its fundraising target.