The Cobble Cellphone Concept is an Alternative Way to Communicate

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Even though it has been proven to have an averse affect on users, 3D technology is still on the rise as companies strive to perfect it; case in point, the Cobble Cellphone Concept. This mobile phone boasts a four-inch 3D 16:9 HD screen, which gives the device more depth sans the awkward 3D glasses. Essentially, the Cobble Cellphone Concept offers a new way of communicating with loved ones and acquaintances.

Conceived by all around designer Niels van Hoof, the Cobble Cellphone Concept allows the user to feel more connected to not only the device, but the people he or she is communicating with. In addition to that, it features adaptive finger tracking that anticipates the user's next move on the screen, making the touchscreen experience very smooth. The Cobble Cellphone Concept is available in a variety of colors.