The Clothespin Light Provides You with a Hands-Free Reading Light

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: fancy
If you're the kind of person who like to do a bit of reading in bed but your partner can't sleep because of the brightness of your bedside lamp, then this clothespin light could be the solution to both of your problems.

While the Clothespin Clip Light certainly looks and behaves like a regular clothespin, it actually houses a tiny lighting source that is bright enough to illuminate your page but not so bright as to disturb someone next to you. The clip on function of this clothespin light lets you attach it to the top of any book or document providing you with a hands free source of light.

While something like a Kindle would allow you read in bed without disturbing anyone, the clothespin book light is perfect for those of us who still enjoy reading physical books.