The Climate Control Pet Kennel Keeps Your Pooch Comfy and Cool

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: mrt-sensor & technabob
Just when you thought that pooches couldn't get any more pampered, along comes the climate control pet kennel. This pet kennel was made in Japan and is essentially a doggie refrigerator and microwave. The kennel was designed for indoor use, it plugs into an outlet, and it can only fit smaller dogs.

The climate control pet kennel can hit temperatures as high as 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and as low as 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit). The kennel sells for $515 dollars, which is a bit pricey for pet owners, especially those whose homes have central air. Attentive pet owners know that there are already air-conditioned pet homes on the market. However, the air-con equipped kennels currently available are bulky, with the unit protruding out as if it were wedged into the window of a human home. This kennel is compact by comparison, although most American dogs wouldn't be able to fit inside of it.