The 'Clear Ballot' Voting Machines are Built to Last for Years to Come

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: clearballot & fastcoexist
A Boston-based startup called 'Clear Ballot' is designing a series of robust ballot boxes that will last for many election seasons. Although the US spent more than three billion dollars updating its voting machines in 2002, those models are already falling apart. To combat this problem, Clear Ballot has designed a product that will last for years to come.

The new machines from Clear Ballot are designed to be inexpensive and easy to repair. While current voting machines are nearly impossible to buy parts for, the newly designed ballot boxes will use off-the-shelf components that are easy to replace. The ballot boxes will also carry out software updates automatically, making them more efficient than existing models. Most importantly, the machines will scan the ballots immediately so voters can be instantly notified if they have made a mistake.

Since worn out machines can reduce the accuracy of votes, the new ballot boxes ensure efficient and accurate election results.