This Apparel Features Compelling Classic Art on Graphic Garments

 - Nov 7, 2013
References: Romwe & romwe
Over the past year, the popularity of graphic prints has been on the raise.

One trend emerging out of that trend is classic art on apparel. I loved this idea since the first time I saw a print of Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ on a sweatshirt. The idea of mixing classical with casual is very striking, much like the prints themselves. Here we see ‘American Gothic’ painted by Grant Wood in 1930. This clash of old and new, of colonial Americana conservatism with modern urban, is something striking. Not to mention, the contrast of the seriousness of the subjects and the whimsy of the wearer.

Would the wearer wear this for irony or honest admiration? Either way, this is an interesting piece, and at $37.99, it is defiantly a conversation starter.