This Vegan Snickerdoodle Biscuits are Made with Wholesome Ingredients

These healthy Snickerdoodle cookie recipe by food blog Feeding my Addiction offers a wholesome and guilt-free version of the popular cinnamon cookie. Despite the cookies being made from nutritious ingredients, these biscuits don't compromise on great taste.

As fall is coming into bloom, consumers are gravitating to warmer and more aromatic sweets and desserts that include flavors inspired by the autumnal months. These cookies are made from gluten-free flours including almond and gluten-free all purpose making them safe for those with intolerance or celiac disease to enjoy. Subbing in for dairy products are ingredients such as coconut milk powder, cashew butter and a flax egg made from water combined with flax seeds. In addition, coconut sugar and cinnamon are used to give this cookie a natural sweetness.