Cinema Sins Explores Every Plot Hole in Looper in Just Three Minutes

 - Feb 2, 2013
References: youtube & gizmodo
Even movies like Looper that make barrels of cash and are critically acclaimed aren't immune from plot holes and nitpicks, and the folks at Cinema Sins are here to point every last one of them out to you in the same time it takes to watch the trailer.

Since the Cinema Sins people are exploring plot holes in a twisty time-travel narrative like Looper, it goes without saying that the video has some huge spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

Cinema Sins has set its sights on other recent blockbusters since joining YouTube at the end of 2012, including The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Avatar and Prometheus. They also took eight minutes to recently skewer 'The Room,' a film generally regarded as one of the worst of all time. I suppose Looper should consider itself lucky that it only warranted three minutes worth of plot hole nitpicking.