These Dual Action Cufflinks Feature a Built-In Cigar Cutter

Carrying around a cigar cutter can get tiresome but with these Cigar Punch cufflinks, consumers can rest assured that their cigars will be cut as long as they are dressed accordingly.

Specifically useful for impromptu cigar celebrations, the Cigar Punch cufflinks are a well-designed mashup between elegant cufflinks and an efficient cigar cutter. The cufflinks are simple to use and only require owners to unscrew the head of their cufflink before using it to punch through the back of their tobacco-filled delight. Offered in both silver and gold, these cufflinks showcase a rather dapper and sophisticated appeal when idle.

Perfect for any modern gentleman, the Cigar Punch cufflinks are the go-to accessories for weddings, office parties or any other formal celebrations.