Is the Goat Sucking Animal Real?

 - Aug 13, 2008
References: science.howstuffworks
The Chupacabra, a mysterious creature that has been the center of legendary debates for decades, has once made its home in the centre of the media. Could the devilish, horror creature actually be real?

Well, Texas police claim they have captured one of the Cryptid goat blood-sucking beasts. The police footage of the Chupacabra seen above has even made its way online, and curious legend lovers have been ravenous in the search for more images.

We mentioned El Chupacabra, AKA El Vampiro de Moca and nicknamed Chupa, about a year ago, but this time, there is visual evidence of the hairless, rat-like mystery animal said to suck the blood from farm animals like goats, chickens, cats and even horses.

The nocturnal creature is said to be about 5 feet high and have very large, blood shot eyes.

Behold the video footage and photos of "el Chupacabra."

I have to say, it’s pretty peculiar that this video shows up almost exactly a year after rumors flew last year. Having lived on a farm for three years, I can honestly say it just looks like a coyote with mange to me. Sarcoptic mange, for those who don’t know, is a type of mite that causes extreme weight loss and fur to fall out.

The last four images in the gallery are of coyotes afflicted with the illness… what do you think??