This Line of Christian T-Shirts References a Hillsong Sermon Series

 - Apr 14, 2015
References: hillsong
In honor of the popular preaching series 'Brave Women Run In My Family' from Hillsong Church's Bobbie Houston, these Christian T-shirts literally allow women to wear their love on their sleeve. The graphic tees contain powerful words and phrases designed to empower them and any others who might see them. This includes distinctly Bible-based terminology such as "Hallelujah," "Found" and "The Lion and the Lamb," in addition to more vague terms such as "Royal," '"Brave" and "Love Lead Me Home."

If you were looking for your own Christian T-shirts, this apparel is particularly timely given Hillsong's Color Conference just started in Capetown. The international event celebrates sisterhood within the local church. The Australia-based mega-church sells other T-shirts not relating to the series, as well as other products.