Christian Poincheval Creates a Pill to Make Farts Smell Pleasant

 - Dec 1, 2014
References: pilulepet & geekologie
With the holiday season now in full swing, these newly created pills to make your farts smell like chocolate or roses by Christian Poincheval are sure to be a hit with those looking to load up on gluttonous meals. Created using all natural ingredients like fennel and blueberries, the pills are designed to make your flatulence pleasant to deter embarrassing situations at the dinner table or in the elevator from happening.

While the efficacy of the pills is questionable, Poincheval describes the process for how he developed the product by saying it came about during an evening with friends. After a big meal, he claims that, "Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done." In such a situation it's no wonder he decided to attempt such an endeavor.