The Christian L'Enfant Roi Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Collection is Artful

The Christian L'Enfant Roi Autumn/Winter 2012/13 ad campaign features dynamic collages fused with distinctively cut out imagery. From bold imagery to artful photography techniques, this advertorial pushes fashion boundaries and plays with human perception.

From faceless models to icy bodies, this bold campaign brings focus to the collection's nature-inspired concept. Durable and wearable staples are showcased along printed pieces and boldly accented accessories.

From eclectic glamor to militant-inspired headwear, this urban and edgy menswear collection is effortlessly cool. The bold photo spread features art-inspired prints that fuse fashionable staples along with images of nature and urban backdrops. From cutouts to collages, this Christian L'Enfant Roi Autumn/Wintery 2012/13 ad campaign dares to be different, holding its own and standing out amongst the crowd.