Photographer Chris Arnade Took to the Streets to Understand Addicts

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: arnade.tumblr & flickr
Throwing caution to the wind, photographer Chris Arnade stepped outside of his suburban comfort zone and spent some time with addicts in the Bronx.

The fear of the unknown is powerful enough to prevent people from ever getting to know someone. In his series entitled Faces of Addiction, Arnade got to know addicts and took their picture. The photos that came about are heart-wrenching, and a realistic depiction of their lives. This series is so important because it humanizes addicts, and puts them in a positive light, as opposed to the negative shadow they are normally forced under. Accompanying the photo is a short excerpt about the subject, giving the viewer a bit more insight into their struggles. Chris Arnade has done an incredible job with this series, and it is important there are photographers like him who are willing to take a chance in order to connect with their subjects.