The Chopped Tree Bookshelf by Lenka Czereova is Sharp and Modern

 - Aug 26, 2013
References: lenkaczereova &
The Chopped Tree Bookshelf is a playful piece of furniture that could easily have people calling out 'tiiimmberrr' every time it is dismantled. As its name more than suggests, and its designer writes, "the concept of the library shows life of felled tree." Yet this is one very stylish chopped up tree. It takes on an abstract angular appearance so as to not be as blatant as its name.

Created by Lenka Czereova, an industrial designer based in Senec, Slovakia, the Chopped Tree Bookshelf is made out of wood and rubber. It is comprised of four pieces, which can be attached together to form a tall pointed structure or separated into shorter piles.

Vibrant and modern, the Chopped Tree Bookshelf is perfect for the contemporary home that desires more sculptural furniture.