Beijing Prepares for Olympic Anger

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: nytimes
The Beijing Olympics are little less than a week ago, and the city is unable to hide its anticipation.... but protesters aren't afraid to show their feelings either.

China is prepared for protesters, and have set up specific zones for protesters during the Olympic games. One of these three zones is the World Park in Beijing, as seen in the first two images on this post. The other two parks are Ritan Park and Purple Bamboo Park.

�The police will safeguard the right to demonstrate as long as protesters have obtained prior approval and are in accordance with the law,� said Liu Shaowu, director of security for Beijing�s Olympic organizing committee.

The rest of the gallery shows a group of activists on the Champs-�lys�es in Paris, France, rallying outside an Adidas store. They are protesting against the Olympics with "Torture en Chine" signs and "Free Tibet" stickers, some of the activists even dressed in costumes.

Photo credits go to the R�-actions Citoyennes set from Flickr user Cyril Cavalie.

The last images in the gallery of Ritan Park.

After months of build up, rumors, critique and wicked suspense, the 2008 Summer Olympic games will kick off on August 8th. When they do, the whole world will be watching much more than just a global sporting event.