The Chimenti Table by Alcarol is Inspired by Seafaring Adventures

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: alcarol & trendir
The Chimenti Table takes its name after a Venetian seafaring term that refers to the gaps between the boards forming a ship’s planking. According to the designers, "Waterproofing of the ship’s structure take place at the hand of master caulkers who, using a mallet, stuff the gaps with oakum soaked in tar and colofonia, a transparent vegetable resin." The Chimenti Table uses such a technique to created a unique aesthetic and texture for the dining area.

Designed by Alcarol, the Chimenti Table revitalizes the classic wooden table by imbuing even more character into it. Each Chimenti Table is made using three planks of Venetian briccola wood, with natural edges corroded by time and salty water with the base constructed out of steel sheet tapes to continue the vintage look.