This Children's Blanket Lets You Doodle Yourself to Sleep

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: fancy
If you or your little one are the creative type, this children's blanket will let you draw yourself into dreamland. Most people get their best ideas while they are, or are about to be asleep. Now you can easily write down all your thoughts so you don't forget them in the morning.

This children's blanket is certainly something of wonder. On it is a print of a classic lined piece of paper. There are even red margins and little drawn-in punch holes.

It comes with eight different-colored markers for you to doodle with. If you're worried about your scribbles being permanent, don't be. The color can easily be washed off.

Now the next time you have an interesting dream or breakthrough idea, you can just jot it down and it will be there for you in the morning!