This Child Carrier Backpack is Ideal for Adventurous Families

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: myfreeloader & inventorspot
The 'Freeloader' child carrier backpack is a great bag for carrying kids.

Most child carrier backpacks are structured to only carry the weight of infants and babies, and if your child was above that age bracket or weighed heavier than the average two year old, then you'd end up either carrying them with your hands or using a stroller. The Freeloader is a child carrier backpack that's lightweight and can carry up to 80 lbs. The design of the backpack distributes the weight around your body to reduce long-term strain. The Freeloader is made with lead and phylate-free nylon materials. The company is currently offering the child carrier backpack in colors of black, yellow, slate blue and sea mist green.