Chichi and the Greek Offers Unique Pieces from Around the World

The most interesting pieces in someone's closet are always the ones with history, and Chichi and the Greek has turned this concept into a whole store.

Kelly Johnson is the mastermind collector behind this neat store full of vintage goods. She started collecting thrift store finds when she was a young girl and continued as an adult. Deciding that she could sell some of her precious pieces, she opened up Chichi and the Greek. The store is full of items that you would never find anywhere else because she has traveled to every dingy store and corner to find them over her years of collecting.

Sometimes finding good vintage pieces takes some time sifting through the racks at a store, but Chichi and the Greek offers some of their best pieces online for easy shopping.

Implications - With all of the contemporary designs coming out in the modern realm of fashion, consumers are looking for more classic pieces. Items that use an element of the past are appealing to customers who want a reminder of simpler times. In order to attract a wider audience of shoppers, companies could integrate older aspects into their products.