Metallica Surprises with $9 Concerts

 - Aug 23, 2008
References: 93x
Metallica is going against the trend of the ever increasing concert ticket prices with shows that cost between $9 and $14 to promote their new album Death Magnetic. 

Metallica will play to extremely cheap shows in Europe to hype up their new album release. The first show on September 12th, celebrates the global release date for Death Magnetic. Metallica will christen the brand new 02 World Arena in Berlin with its 17 thousand capacity with tickets selling for about $14.

The second show on September 15th will be in London at the 02 Arena with tickets selling for about $9.

In addition to pleasing fans who can’t afford the usual astronomical ticket prices, Metallica will donate the proceeds from both shows to local charities.

Maybe this is Metallica’s way of apologizing to their fans for their public support of the record industry on music copyright issues. I hope Metallica has learned a lesson or two from bands like Nine Inch Nails.