Coin-Collecting Shopping Carts

 - Nov 21, 2008
References: lifever.wordpress
Supermarkets are increasingly using coin-collecting carts to inspire donations to charity. As seen on LifeFever, these creative carts have adorable children’s faces attached to their handlebars. These faces staring up at someone can easily envoke pity and huge guilt trips. They serve as piggy banks and collect change when customers pay to rent the shopping cart.

When a shopper decides to rent their cart, they slip their change into an opening strategically located at the child’s mouth, symbolically ‘feeding’ the child. Underneath the child’s face is a statement reading, "You can feed a child for two days with what you spend renting this cart. Help." Supermarkets hope that this inspires customers who are buying food to donate money and defeat world hunger… Wouldn’t making their cart rentals free and giving the collected change to a child charity be a better start?