Joerg Sprave Demonstrates his Slingshot-Assisted Chainsaw Javelin

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: now.msn & geekologie
Far be it for me to call anybody who creates a flying chainsaw launcher any names other than awesome.

The awesome lunatic in question here is Joerg Sprave, who has invented a slingshot-assisted, javelin-enabled chainsaw launcher. When you see the slow motion replay of the chainsaw javelin not only hitting, but completely demolishing a bulls-eye target, you'll outright feel the fear of Sprave's enemies. Now, the technology is still pretty new and the chainsaw launcher doesn't exactly fly straight with the accuracy of a sniper's bullet, but as a DIY project, the results are destructively impressive.

For the record, we do not recommend that you actually try this at home. The fact that Sprave looks and sounds like a Die Hard villain should probably be enough to dissuade would-be chainsaw launcher makers from trying this one at home.