Glacier IceBerg Entertainment System is Naughty's Next Frontier (CES 2009)

 - Jan 9, 2009
References: glaciermediasystems & techradar
Adult entertainment is coming in 3D, thanks to the Glacier IceBerg 3D entertainment system. Sometimes the publicity guy gets it so right, it just doesn’t need a re-write. "Once film makers get the hang of it, feet will be hanging out of the screen and you’ll be dodging the money shot," says Tony Ross, the president of Glacier Media Systems. Ross is offering 3D adult entertainment at the Consumer Electronics Show. IceBerg is ready to go with 3D-ready TV’s and includes software to change existing naughty movies into 3D naughty movies. OK, ewwww already. Just the thought of what might get ejected 3D style is ewwww.