Anna Nicole Smith is the Subject of a Show at London's Royal Opera House

 - Feb 16, 2011
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'Anna Nicole' is a new opera at London's famous Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Opera stories have always taken on soap opera-like stories. The twists and turns keep people coming back for more. No one could argue that Anna Nicole Smith had a tabloid reported life full of triumph and tragedy, all the makings of a good show.

The adult content production has been described as having a tacky subject that will be sophisticatedly staged and executed. Keep in mind 'Anna Nicole' is not a campy musical or play, but a full-fledged opera, with classically trained professional singers in a true opera house. Will the show attract those who normally don't venture to the opera? Who could resist?

As in all juicy operas based on fodder, the performance is filled with strong language, tragedy, sex, drug use and of course, the death of the heroine.