International Rooms of Luxury

 - Dec 31, 2007
Indulge your inner diva with a night's stay at one of these opulent hotel rooms.

Dubbed the most expensive in Asia, The Peninsula Suite on the 26th floor of the Hotel Peninsula in Hong Kong offers breath-taking views of the famed Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harour. Apart from round-the-clock butler service and a stand-by Rolls Royce, there are two sitting rooms, a conference room, three washrooms, a guest room, mini-gym and butler's pantry. No matter how famous you are, you can sleep soundly knowing that the CIA and M15 were consulted on the rooms' design (the suite is a common choice for heads of state and diplomats). Dodge paparazzi by departing via the exlusive helipad, or keep your bodyguards in a special room down the hall. Not bad for $5000 a night.

If you have a wee bit more to spend, consider the priciest suite on the planet: the $25,000 a day Bridge Suite at the Hotel Atlantis in the Bahamas. So named as it sits on the bridge that connects the hotel's two towers, its unique location allows for a view of the entire resort and marina. The most popular of its rooms (there are ten, all of which have 12-foot ceilings) are the bar lounge and entertainment center. Sleep comes easy on beds fitted with hand-painted linens.

Foodies will love the amenities available at the Presidential Suite of the Plaza Hotel in New York. Guests have access to a private wine cellar that houses over 2,000 bottles of wine, and will be attended to by a personal chef. The 7,802 square foot suite on the 18th floor includes five bedrooms, two living rooms, a sauna, and five marble fireplaces. All yours for $15,000 a night.