Ding Yong's ‘Metamorphosis' Spring 2009

 - Dec 1, 2008   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: english.peopledaily.cn & trenddelacreme
Malaysian designer Ding Yong's Spring 2009 collection is aptly titled 'Metamorphosis.' As Jill Sherman has noticed, Yong's designs bear a striking resemblance to caterpillars--insects that go through a metamorphosis of their own.

Indeed, the couture pieces in Ding Yong's 'Metamorphosis' mimic a hawk moth's lifestyle from the caterpillar stage through the moth's emergence from its cocoon.

Implications - The natural world is a veritable symphony of stunning creation and inspiration, so it would be absolutely nonsensical for any designer or business not to take cues from it when devising new styles or products. As human beings as a species continue to learn more about the fascinating world around them, you can expect to see an exponential increase in the amount of breakthroughs that are inspired by it.