This Infographic Dispels Where Different Cat Breeds Come From

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: petcarerx & mentalfloss
There are numerous different types of cat breeds currently available for adoption, but where they each originate from can be a bit of a mystery to most owners. The 'Where Do Different Cat Breeds Come From' infographic creatively looks into where different feline types came from across the globe.

According to the 'Where Do the Different Cat Breeds Come From?' guide by PetCareRx creatively maps out where the 70 different known genres of felines first originated. The guide shares detailed maps, statistics as well as graphics that educate readers about the history of cats, fun facts and which breeds came from others. For example, the Siamese cat spanned the creation of the Oriental variety and the Sphynx cat is distantly related to the Maine Coon.