The Cat-5 'O Nine Tails are Meant to Unleash Your Inner Geek

 - May 26, 2011
References: etsy & etsy
The Cat-5 'O Nine Tails from Etsy boutique Feral Swirl is the perfect way to unleash your inner geek. This sensual accessory is handcrafted from internet cable wires (which are known as Cat5 cables) and has a D-ring to hang it up while its not in use. The Cat-5 'O Nine Tails will leave unusual marks when compared to more traditional whips. The Cat-5 'O Nine Tails also come in a variety of colors. From red and purple to green, blue and yellow, there is a color sure to match your other gear.

The Feral Swirl boutique also offers a customizable router with no extra charge and ensures that they only use the highest quality products. The Cat-5 'O Nine Tails are sure to be popular amongst the geeky crowd.