'Castelldefels' Features Parapets Made of Metal Screens

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: archdaily
The medieval days of grand family castles are all but gone, however Castelldefels shows that the individual family can still live in their own version of a castle. The family home in Barcelona takes on certain gestural qualities of traditional castles, but it nonetheless remains a modern looking home that any 21st century family would be happy to occupy.

The castle-like aspect of Castelldefels comes by way of the structuration of its upper floors. Several rooms along the top floor of the home have balconies, and these balconies are segregated from one another by evenly spaced columns that, from the outside of the home, look like parapets. These faux-parapets are made from modern sheets of perforated metal, keeping Castelldefels firmly rooted in the present while referencing the past.