The Cass Bird Portfolio is Full of Graceful Gems

 - Sep 17, 2011
References: cassbird & photodonuts
Not many photographers have a collection of photographs as diverse or singularly stunning as the Cass Bird portfolio. Cass Bird is an extremely accomplished photographer who earned her BA from Smith College in 1999. Her client list is extensive and includes major brands like the New York Times Magazine, the New Yorker, GQ, Rolling Stone, and many others.

In the Cass Bird portfolio, we see strong examples of her versatility. There are creative and unusual celebrity portraits (Ethan Hawke, Erykah Badu), as well as expansive shots of bohemian subjects (the lead image). Cass Bird shows a keen eye for capturing powerful, expressive moments in her subjects, and adding a soft touch to photographs that are inherently gritty.

My favorite capture in the Cass Bird portfolio is her snap of Ethan Hawke. While many photographers attempt to capture the hard-boiled nature of a veteran actor known for intense roles, her shot of the 40-year-old thespian perfectly encapsulates his public persona -- mysterious, studly, and tough.