The Casa Bosques Book City is an Urban Literary Retreat

 - Mar 14, 2014
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The Casa Bosques Book City is a special pavilion installation that presents literary wares in a uniquely urban way. Inspired by the makeup of metropolises, the setup involves a variety of differently design bookshelves that com together like skyscrapers to form a miniature metropolis. The designers write, "Cities are made up of buildings, these in turn are made up of interiors which themselves are made up of individual objects." This is how they built the Casa Bosques Book City.

Designed by Monterrey, Mexico-based Savvy Studio in collaboration with Isauro Huizar of Los Contratistas, the Casa Bosques Book City brings a monumental feel to the bookshelf structures as well as the books they contain. The designers further write, "It also helps us to appreciate individual works and monuments as fundamental elements of a city’s history and a collective memory."