Carty Sewill Uses Blank Space to Depict His Subjects' Clothing

 - Feb 26, 2012
References: & juxtapoz
Carty Sewill has devised an ingenious way to render clothing within pictures: just leave the space blank and illustrate around it. Not only does this method end up saving artists’ time in the long run, it also produces a visually appealing effect. By implementing this technique, Sewill gets more time to focus on rendering faces, hair and limbs within his moleskin notebook, leaving the tedious task of painting clothing for art projects that actually require them in the compositions.

As with most Carty Sewill creations, the values in his pictures are segmented into layered shapes rather than blended in. It gives his images a kind of Adobe Illustrator look despite being made entirely by hand. It seems he largely practises in grayscale in his notebook paintings, though his celebrity renderings are notorious for being prismatic.