Carlos Zuniga Creates Portraits that Cross the Line

 - May 17, 2012
References: & odditycentral
Carlos Zuniga, a Chilean-based artist, was long ago convinced that he had little talent for drawing. Luckily, however, the imaginative thinker began experimenting with linear design and began making realistic portraiture by crossing out lines through books.

In this particular exhibition, Zuniga used phonebooks as his primary medium, and created the monochromatic images by strategically crossing out names. A likely tedious approach to portraiture, Zuniga is clearly dedicated to his work. It's always nice to see what one can do with so few materials, and this set of work is a great example. Understated but still managing to garner great intrigue, these pieced-together portraits are a shining testament to the artist's skills.

Having made good use out of the outdated and widely hated phonebook, Carlos Zuniga has proven himself to be an impressively creative thinker.