The Cardboard Bike Project is Eco-Friendly and Fully Functional

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: nocamels & technabob
Designer Giora Kariv created the 'Cardboard Bike Project,' a fully functional bike made from recycled paper. He was inspired by a cardboard canoe he had seen someone else build.

Kariv used only recyclable material and it cost him a mere $9 to produce the project. He believes that if these bikes are sold in stores, they could sell for under $60. This could allow so many more people to have access to cheap transportation.

Kariv loves to bike around so it is no wonder he came up with the design. In the video, Kariv talks about how he was told it was an impossible dream, but his wife encouraged him to attempt it. After a few tries, Kariv figured out the perfect formula and now the bike can hold up to 300 pounds.

It's a pretty extraordinary design and is definitely worth checking out.