This Card Deck Design is Aesthetically Inspired by the Retro Computer Game

This card deck design creatively pays tribute to the popular solitaire game that was included in all retro PC desktop computers. The deck has a pixelated design that pays tribute to the simple graphics and addictive nature of the popular computer card game.

When computers were first introduced, they game with a handful of classic games for users to enjoy like Tetris, Minesweeper and Solitaire. The layout for these games was always the same following a clean, minimalist and detail-free layout. The solitaire in particular always featured a forest green background with pixelated graphics of each of the card suits. Now you can enjoy the same pixelated aesthetic with these playing cards by Areaware that copy the game's retro look. Even the box the deck comes in is complete with the green background and an image of the card deck icon that would sit on your desktop.