Sylvain Viau's Art Imagery is Digitally Altered to Appear Surreal

 - Apr 21, 2015
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This flying car photography series is lensed by French photographer Sylvain Viau. The image set captures vintage and aged cars that are digitally altered to appear surreal. Resembling floating hovercrafts, each of Sylvain Viau's vehicle portraits challenge reality.

Blurring the meaning of impossible, this flying car photography series is dreamlike and surreal. Each of its portraits capture a different vehicle that rises above ground slightly. While the concept of the flying car has been around in pop culture for decades, its true inception is yet to be the norm.

Sylvain Viau's art celebrates this sci-fi fantasy and imagines the world if it were to feature flying modes of transport. The result is somewhat post-modern and blends together nostalgic and futuristic elements.