This Intimate Phtography Series Captures Wild Animals in Full Flight

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: wimvandenheever &
South African photographer Wim van den Heever released a new series that captures wild animals in full-flight as they stalk and hunt their prey. While most of us know that there are certain creatures that rule the animal kingdom, the majority of us have not seen these animals in action. Van den Heever's new series gives us a glimpse of how animals hunt and attack their prey in the wild.

The series features intimate photos of wild animals such as lions, rhinos, boars and even polar bears. Van den Heever captures wild animals in full-flight as well as in their quieter post-chase moments. The series captures the hierarchy of the animal kingdom by showcasing the hunting skills of each wild creature. While the pictures are fascinating, they portray the violence of animal relations and are candid in their overall aesthetic.