Amnesty Captcha Avoids Spamming by Directing One to Petitions

 - Mar 29, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
A Captcha is a web tool to separate humans from spamming computer programs. Usually, a regular captcha comes across as the annoying requirement to type in the skewed numbers on the screen.

Amnesty International Poland has based their new communication strategy based on this tool to bring people's attention to ongoing online petitions. Despite the ease of participation in online activist petitions, Amnesty International hasn't been able to meet the desired amount of involvement.

Amnesty Captcha is their new creation that makes people prove themselves as human by having them answer questions about these online petitions. If placed on the right kinds of websites, where the target audience would be interested in participation, this tool can in fact bring the desired affect and encourage people to take action.