Capsula by Lucie Koldova is Visually Striking

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: luciekoldova & contemporist
Capsula by Lucie Koldova, a product and furniture designer born in Czech Republic and based in Paris, France, is a light fixture that is visually striking. While some may see a rather artistic take on the average medical pill, others will see more of an abstract form made out of two cylinders that interact in a permeating way.

Fashioned out of two overlapping glass orbs, Capsula by Lucie Koldova can easily be likened to natural phenomena such as the shapes of cells or plant seeds. As written by the designer, the modern light fixture is "gently fixed together by a tubular light source connected with small wooden side bases and the effect is emphasized by blending the colored core into a crystal clear outer bubble." Utterly beautiful.