These Vodka Shots are Flavored with Sour Patch Kids Pieces

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: popsugar & popsugar
These Sour Patch Kids vodka shooters are ideal for adults looking for a creative way to enjoy the candy in a mature format. The vodka is infused with the various sour candy flavors to give the drink a zesty and sweet taste that is nostalgic enough to remind anyone of their favorite childhood sweet.

Thanks to the technicolor array of candies in each Sour Patch Kids package these shooters take on a rainbow color scheme. The drinks are made by leaving a few Sour Patch Kids pieces of the same color overnight in a jar of vodka to infuse the liquor. As the sugar dissolves, the flavors and color release into the vodka leaving you with a colorful liquid. The shots can be lined up in a rainbow before being enjoyed.