Adventure Time Fans Will Love This Gingerbread Candy Kingdom Replica

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: reddit & geekologie
This impressive Candy Kingdom replica comes from Reddit user 'IHaveaFluffyCat.' Adventure Time fans will recognize this bubbly gingerbread structure from the show. The Candy Kingdom, run by Princess Bubblegum, is home to all sorts of living goodies. The palace itself is constructed from candy, and is guarded by two humanized bubblegum machines and a handful of talking banana guards.

This Reddit user is clearly a big fan of this wildly popular cartoon. Her gingerbread kingdom is extremely detailed. It even includes the two gumball guards, who are seen holding magnifying glasses to help them keep watch over this pink, edible kingdom.

It's the season to make gingerbread houses strewn with all kinds of delectable goodies, and this Adventure Time gingerbread kingdom takes this holiday activity to the next level.