Candy by Alyona Kuzmina Stars a Rebellious Anastasia Sazonova

The photo series titled Candy by Alyona Kuzmina, a photographer based in Russia and France, must be referring to hard candy, which is exactly what model Anastasia Sazonova could be likened too. Tough on the outside but sweet on the inside, she may look small and innocent, but by the images she can clearly take care of herself. The fashion reflects this strength and independence, as well as her undeniable feminine wiles.

Dark and gloomy, Candy by Alyona Kuzmina takes place in gritty settings such as street corners and alleyways. Although surrounded by a somber situation, she is at least dressed the part. Outfitted by stylist Anna Mihalchecova, the blonde beauty is clad in leather bodysuits, combat boots and armor-like accessories.