Canadahelps Launches Great Canadian Giving Challenge

 - Nov 23, 2009
CanadaHelps is launching their Great Canadian Giving Challenge today - a unique blend of social media and charitable fund-raising. The Great Canadian Giving Challenge encourages Canadians to leverage their own social networks (and associated tools) in order to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

After creating a CanadaHelps GivingPage (including identifying your favorite - or "favourite" - as it is a Canadian challenge), you are encouraged to tweet away, post it to Facebook, and of course share it with colleagues on LinkedIn. CanadaHelps provides a leaderboard so you can track your progress, and there are some pretty sizable prizes along for the top fund-raisers.

CanadaHelps is an interesting organization in itself. It acts as a gateway for all of Canada’s 80,000 charities, allowing you to donate without having to worry about whether the charity you wish to support has the infrastructure to securely accept donations. In fact, the charities that most often need support are the ones that can’t afford to set up any kind of system in the first place. CanadaHelps has gift cards that make great presents - worth considering as the holiday season approaches.

All in all - a unique challenge that is truly worthy of sharing with all your social media contacts!

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