Custom Made Cadillac Baby Stroller Shoots Out Real Flames

This toddler is getting some pampering with a Cadillac baby stroller that's sure to reel in the stares. In my childhood, I used to play with the things we could find and use as toys, and a bicycle was the only ride I had, and it was not nearly as pimping as this young fella's ride.

This Cadillac baby stroller was custom made by Macomber Fiberglass Bodies. In 2010, this baby ride won first place in the open car category after entering a the Monthly Muscle Car Show in Plano, Texas; not surprising as this baby driver has flames shooting out the rear of his ride. The piece is pretty cool and very exclusive, as I don't recall many kids driving around with fire blazing cars. This kid doesn't even have a license yet, but he's driving like a pro.