The CA2 Creative Collection Embellishes the Softness of Hide

 - Sep 5, 2011
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When leather is incorporated into an outfit, more often than not it adds a bit of an edge to the entire ensemble. The CA2 Creative Collection, however, alters this ever so slightly with a selection of accessories that are finely detailed and feminine.

The striking items that you see are the products of a collaboration between Andrea Bonfini and Catia Di Carlo who studied fashion together in Rome. The pair has introduced some extraordinarily unusual pieces that promise versatility and creative incorporation.

The intricately incised scarf, the patterned shawl and the detailed gloves would easily become the defining features of any getup. If you're brave enough, you'll attempt to wear the CA2 Creative Collection with a little exposed skin. The juxtaposed textures afford such an intimate look with the interplay of light and shadow.