i29's Buzz Wire Collection is Designed for Students With ADD

 - Jul 9, 2011
References: i29.nl & fastcodesign
It is pretty much agreed that nurture plays just as big of a role as nature in our upbringing; therefore, designs like the Buzz Wire furniture collection are important to cultivate an environment that is tailored to certain individual needs. In this case, the Buzz Wire collection addresses the difficulties children with attention deficiency disorder face in regards to activities that require a certain level of concentration.

Designed by Dutch architects i29, the Buzz Wire collection is a set of public school furniture that has been inspired by the iPad and iPhone game of the same name. Essentially, Buzz Wire! is a concentration game in which the player has to tilt his screen to keep a little dot on a wire or else set off a loud buzzer.

The Buzz Wire collection expresses this same movement, which makes the children concentrate on their environment to see how the modular furniture should be used.