The Buttero Color Welt Boat Collection is Casual and Stylish

 - May 14, 2012
References: buttero-online & porvocacao
Casual summer wear is making its way into countless display windows this time of year, but few of it has the same understated appeal as these Buttero Color Welt Boat Shoes.

The shoes breathlessly weave smooth suede, earth-toned leathers and slick rubber soles into one another for a look that epitomizes summer strolls and beach-filled weekends. Colored stripes adorn the soles of the shoes, providing a subtly offbeat highlight to an otherwise classic look.

Just looking at the shoes tempts one to drop what their doing, leave work and head for some place warm and quite.

Aesthetics are one thing, but comfort should rarely be overlooked in footwear -- especially casual footwear. These shoes are as comfy as they are chic.