The Butake Chair Embodies the Elongated Low-Res Treatment of Lumber

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: arquiteknia & mocoloco
Stand just in front of the Butake Chair and it might appear to take a surprisingly pixelated form. This specific angle will show you what appears to be an incomplete piece of furniture of illusory depth and dimension. Walk around to the side of it, however, and you'll be able to better appreciate its unique form.

Raúl Téllez Herrera chose banak -- a South American hardwood -- to build a butaque-style recliner inspired by a regional Mexican design. The resultant form is a contemporary interpretation that seems to reference the digital age. With so much compelling complexity to the extruding composition of the lounger, the Butake Chair has been left without a decorative finish. The intriguing piece exudes the beautiful and natural detail of wood grain textures and colors.