Audvisor Contains Thousands of 3 Minute Clips Containing Business Insights

 - Apr 11, 2015
References: audvisor & springwise
In an effort to make sound advice more easily accessible, Audvisor created a free audio clip library where people can listen to three minute-long soundbites containing business insights. So far the database contains thousands of quickly digested tidbits of advice from experts like Guy Kawaski and Seth Godin.

The startup produces these short clips for anyone to listen to in their free time, or even as they're multitasking. Existing in the form of a mobile app, Audvisor means you can listen to business insights on the go. The clips are condensed or carefully selected pieces of longer speeches the business authorities gave in the past. In one day you can listen to about 1000 audio files for free. Or, if you pay for the premium version, you get full access to the Audvisor library.